Procedures & Policies

Sant Hirdaram Girls College Bhopal is committed to providing the best infrastructure in Teaching classes (well ventilated with fresh air and proper sunlight), laboratories (well equipped), library, sports, and computers (insufficient numbers, etc. to the students. The College ensures that the infrastructure meets and fulfills the requirements of teaching-learning and other processes as specified by statutory bodies and updated from time to time both in terms of quality and quantity. The campus of the college is very well maintained with three-storied buildings and a neat, clean &pious environment.  As the location of the college is at the terminal end of a residential colony and having a beautiful view of the lake, there is a lush green belt separating the college campus and lake. It, therefore, creates a naturally beautiful campus that is pollution-free with a lot of fresh air.  It supports and enhances the teaching-learning ambience on the campus.


The Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities are as below:

1.     The policies and plans of the institution are made public and known to everyone concerned so that there is no communication gap.

2.     The top management and top functionaries monitor the implementation of the plan against a given time target and the level of the outcome.

3.     Procurement of infrastructure ensuring its quality &cost and up-gradation from time to time.

4.     For the purchase of any tangible material in college we follow the procedure of inviting a minimum of three quotations from different vendors and then give the order to provide material (like equipment and chemicals for labs, books for the library, etc.) to the vendor who quotes the lowest price but maintains the good quality.

5.     Proper accounting and inventory of each item are maintained in a register. Physical verification of infrastructure is done periodically through annual stock verification. Preventive and corrective maintenance including annual maintenance contracts. The college maintains its infrastructure (including classroom, laboratory, and other extracurricular facilities) with the support and coordination of the maintenance officer. The maintenance officer regularly affirms the needs and requirements of the college from time to time and takes care of its fulfillment.

6.     Regular maintenance of classroom and office furniture is done on regular basis.

7.     Disposal of scrap or unserviceable material is done whenever required.

8.     Upkeep and maintenance of Annual maintenance of Generator, fire equipment, water coolers, air conditioners, etc. is a regular feature. The college has technicians, computer technicians, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers for maintenance of equipment like computers and printers, furniture, electrical devices, and water tube well.


Library Policy & Management


The Central Library has a separate Reference section with Reading Room and E-Library with internet connectivity. There is a Web Library also for access to Online books and Journals through membership of INFLIBNET. All the books are cataloged with barcodes. OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue is used to find out what materials are available in the Library. The Library staff is qualified and fully trained in the automated functioning of the Library.

The library has also made provisions for students to refer to old question papers for preparing for their examination.

The college library also holds rare books and is rich in archival materials. The college library also keeps the materials other than books such as encyclopedia, reference books, reports, dissertations, journals, magazines, photographs, news clippings, etc.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day, SHGC Central Library Introduced a new activity i.e. Surprise Date with a Book for students. Library remains open on all working days in an academic year (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.


Highlights of rules and Regulations followed by Library –

1.     The library follows certain protocols in the usage of books. The entry register is kept for both staff and students at the entrance to the library. Anybody who enters the library must enter the register to use the facilities in the library.

2.     Library policies are discussed and decided by Library Advisory Committee which is constituted by the College Management. Whenever required, the library committee holds its meeting to make decisions for the smooth operation and promotion of the library.

3.     Recently, the library software (SOUL 2.0- INFLIBNET) has been procured and installed to Automate and digitize the library.

4.     The library holds the annual membership of NLIST-INFLIBNET since 2014. The library users access e-books and e-journals through allotted login and password.

5.     UG Students are entitled to check out books for a period of 7 days.

6.      PG Students can avail the books for a period of 15 days.

7.     Students opting for B. Ed. are entitled to check out books for a period of 15 days.

8.     All books are required to be returned for physical verification once a year irrespective of the date of issue and category of users. Dates for physical verification will be announced one week in advance.

9.     There are 13 departmental libraries in the college. The inventory check and Internal Audit of these departmental libraries are done every year by the central library.

10.  The Library also provides facilities other than books such as Reprography, Motivational Audio Video, 5-year Unsolved question papers, Newspaper clippings, etc.

11.  For document delivery services through e-mail, an exclusive e-mail Id for Library has been created and maintained.

12.  In case of any Staff or Student (Faculty, Office Assistant, and Student) leaving the institution for any reason must get a no-dues certificate from the librarian is a mandatory procedure to be practiced.